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make fun things. 
I make meaningful things. 

& I make beautiful things. 

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Art Work

This is me

My name is Reem S. Alawdah.

 I was born in the U.S. and raised in Saudi Arabia.

I started my professional career as a computer scientist before finding my passion somewhere else. I never believed that a person can do only one thing. We change for the better when we allow ourselves to grow. Most of all, we give ourselves permission to become our best selves.

Computer Scientist  Self Defense Coach 
Business Owner  Designer  Video Editor  

Eskrimador    Artist  Writer

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Online Store


I make things.

Most people don't know their potential until later in life.

While I was studying computer science in Tacoma, I figured that I wasn't cut out to be a desk junkie. I want to do more, explore all aspects of life and try everything I can to satisfy my curiosity. 

I like to define myself as a Jane of all trades. If it's doable, then I will try it and do my best to help others learn it as well.


Check out my Art portfolio for the latest projects I'm working on and feel free to contact me for collaborations or freelance opportunities

Owner &


Made, operated and located in Saudi Arabia.

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